Bed Head Elasticate & Recharge In-Salon Review | Bed Head Superfuel Range.

Posted by Mark Hindle on 31st Aug 2017

Bed Head Elasticate & Recharge In-Salon Review | Bed Head Superfuel Range.

Hello my Bed Head hair product fans! Mark here again, Hi :-)

I have great news, the much anticipated review on the brand new Bed Head Superfuel range of products which came out in November 2012. We have stocked Bed Head Elasticate & Bed Head Recharge since the day of release. These Superfuel shampoo's & conditioners have settled nicely into the Bed Head range, as there is nothing like them in the now 14 Tigi haircare ranges.

Bed Head Recharge & Elasticate from the new Tigi Superfuel range.

Is this the start of a whole new Tigi Bed Head revolution?

Lets start this Bed Head Superfuel review with;

Tigi Bed Head Recharge (in the pink packaging)

Bed Head Recharge is a shampoo & conditioner which will suit most uncoloured hair types, it's not heavy in any way, the Bed Head Recharge does create a lots of shine, but will not weigh the hair down in any way. Bed Head Recharge can be used on oily hair & scalps, right through to normal & dry hair. If you do use it on oily hair don't use the conditioner, and make sure you shampoo twice.

Bed Head Recharge - in-salon usage..

Bed Head Recharge has become our in-salon default shampoo which we use on most clients and is great on most hair types, we also use Bed Head Urban Antidotes Re-Energise as a similar shampoo at our backwash area, which is also a great deep cleanser, read more about Bed Head Urban Antidotes here.

Bed Head Superfuel is here to stay!

Bed Head Superfuel with their distinctive plain looking packaging?

Tigi Bed Head Elasticate (in the green packaging)

Bed Head Elasticate is designed for hair what needs some serious repair after lots of chemical services like pre-lightening (bleaching) and long term colouring.

Bed Head Elasticate contains protein and lots of it! Chemically treated hair needs protein rather than moisture to really firm up the hair shaft, if you add too much moisture to your chemically treated hair will start looking limp and won't style properly.

With Elasticate, shampoo twice with a small amount (20p piece or a dime size) rinse really well, leave the conditioner in for at least 2 minutes.
For over chemically treated hair (damaged) which needs some serious repair, towel dry after shampooing, then add a more generous amount of Elasticate conditioner, leave it on for 10-15 minutes, wrapped in a warm towel if possible.

After you have rinsed thoughroughly by shaking the hair, to get all the conditioner out, comb your hair through as normal. What you will notice is that you hair feels much stiffer, this is a good thing as your hair has received the protein it needed.
When you come to dry your hair you will see & feel the repair Elasticate has done straight away. Please note; Only do the major conditioning treatment every week or two and not everyday, as your hair will receive too much protein and can leave the hair dull, but the condition will still feel in good condition.

You can use Bed Head Elasticate every day, but don't leave the conditioner on too long as above.
(A very similar product to the Bed Head Elasticate is the Redken Extreme range.)

Bed Head have just released on the 1st of March, two new Bed Head Superfuel styling products, On The Rebound (for curls) & Straighten Out (a no hold straightening cream)

Bed Head Superfuel always sells out with us every 2 weeks, I have never seen a Bed Head range move off the shelves so fast!.


Thank you for reading & I hope this helps you buy the right products for your hair type, If you have any questions about Bed Head Superfuel then please do Ask Mark

All the Best,



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