How to use the product properly - Bed Head Small Talk

Posted by Mark Hindle on 4th Sep 2017

How to use the product properly - Bed Head Small Talk

Welcome to The Hair Room salon blog, by popular demand we are starting a new series of short blogs on 'how to use the product properly', I've been hairdressing for 30 years, and I have used Tigi Haircare products for 24 years, I've also used the amazing Redken products for 8+ years, so please ask me ''Mark' what you would like to see reviewed. :-)

First up is the most common product I always get asked about, the amazing 'Tigi Bed Head Small Talk'.

Tigi Bed Head Small Talk - 3 products in 1 !

An amazing styling product that works on all hair types!

Tigi Bed Head Small Talk is 3 products in 1, it has a light scent of blueberry and is a massive seller in-salon and on-line. Bed Head Small Talk can be used as a mousse type product for brush drying, only use one pump and apply like you would a mousse (rub into hands before application), it's a bit thick and sticky on application but is very lightweight on the finished hair, Bed Head Small Talk creates big volume with no crispiness on the finished look or feel.

The second use for Bed Head Small Talk is to apply 1-2 pumps to very curly hair, ends to middles, not the roots. I suggest that you twiddle it in in small amounts the lock the ends together, then diffuse dry as normal, slowest speed and the hottest heat. Your curls will be individual, fat and fuzz free! Small Talk is very similar to 'Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier' (in fact I bet you that Tigi Bed Head Small Talk is the same product with a different smell).
And lastly, using a small amount, (half a pump) it can be applied to short hair as a light to medium styling product, great for getting volume without the firmness some products give. Blow dry in or leave to dry naturally for a shiny finish.

The Hair Room Review Score;

10/10! - no no really, it is that good.

Yes it has full marks because it has ruled in everyday our salon use for 13+ years and still it sells like crazy, if you haven't used Small Talk yet then I suggest you try it.

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