TIGI Bed Head Blow Out review | Golden Illuminating Shine Cream

Posted by Mark Hindle on 11th Aug 2017

TIGI Bed Head Blow Out review | Golden Illuminating Shine Cream

More products are arriving from Tigi, this time it’s the new TIGI Bed Head Blow Out!

As most of you will notice Bed Head Blow Out is in exactly the same packaging as the best selling Bed Head After Party. They both do the same job of smoothing the hair while blow drying.

A smoothing cream just for brunettes and red heads.

In the new super cool packaging, TIGI Bed Head Blow Out will fly off the shelves!

The immediate difference you will notice between the original Bed Head After Party and this new Bed Head Blow Out apart from the packaging is the colour of the cream, it’s a beige, brown colour with lots more Mica in it seams, Mica is the tiny sparkly bits what are left on your hand after applying the Bed Head Blow Out smoothing product, the shine caused by the Mica is incredible. I used the Tigi Blow Out on a very thick, porous head of hair yesterday and the results were super soft and shiny. Please Note: Don’t use more than a pea sized amount, less on fine hair. Less is more!

How to use Tigi Bed Head Blow Out;

After shampooing, towel drying and combing through apply a pea sized amount to your palms, rub hands together, apply evenly throughout your hair. The best results you can get is with a big round brush and a hot fast hair dryer. If you see steam while you are drying don’t worry, this is just the product evaporating, leaving a fantastic shine.

Once again, great work here Tigi on inventing a new product what actually fits into the now massive range of Bed Head products.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon with some more reviews – Mark | The Hair Room

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