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TIGI Bed Head Manipulator: Formula has changed back! UPDATED


We have a very important update regarding the TIGI Bed Head Manipulator.

The latest batch of Bed Head Manipulator we've received from TIGI direct is now back in the original firmer paste. No more sloppy, runny goo. It's back to it's stiffer paste where you see your finger marks still in it the next day.

TIGI Bed Head Manipulator original formula is back in the original formula!

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Manipulator by TIGI Bed Head | The best hair product ever made.

We have news on TIGI Haircare's best selling product;

Tigi Bed Head Manipulator - Is it still the 'The funky gunk that rocks!'

Why has the No.1 selling TIGI Bed Head product changed, or has it? We at The Hair Room have used the TIGI's Bed Head Manipulator since the day it was launched & it flies off the shelves, but all of a sudden sales have slowed with this newly scented, thinner formula...

The No.1 selling TIGI Bed Head product, Manipulator.

We are getting asked this a lot from our in-salon clients and from our on-line shop, has the formula changed? The answer is yes it has changed, both the smell and the consistency have both changed. Why have TIGI done this. Why alter the already best selling product, I have even seen an online petition to bring back the original Manipulator formula, how many products have generated a petition?, wow, that really shows the loyalty of Bed Head Manipulator fans.

What is the TIGI Bed Head Manipulator like now then?

The first thing you will notice, the smell has changed from coconut to a sweet/candy smell, it smells very much like the discontinued Bed Head Mastermind product for those who can remember that. The consistency of Manipulator has also changed, it's now slightly thinner and a little shinier, some might say more greasy with less hold. I remember the old formula when you dipped 2 fingers in you could see the finger holes the day after, now it just levels off in a couple of minutes, showing that it is thinner.

Why is the font of Manipulator always different?

The font of Manipulator shows which part of the world it was sold in, and where it has come from even though it is sold in the UK, the formulas were all the same, until 2013...

For all you Manipulator fans out there have a look at this wonderful picture below, maybe we will have Bed Head Mac Daddy Manipulators back one day...

The best hair product of all time, Mac Daddy, 4 tubs in one...

TIGI Bed Head Mac Daddy | 200ml of pure brilliant hair product.