Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes | Tested: In-Salon Review

Posted by Mark Hindle on 20th Sep 2019

Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes | Tested: In-Salon Review

The Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes full range

First up,

Bed Head Urban Antidotes Re-energise(or Urban Antidotes No.1 in the green packaging)

Bed Head Re-energise is what we use in our salons as our default shampoo for most hair types, Re-energise is great to deep cleanse hair or to removed product build up, like hairsprays and hard to remove waxes, gels & pastes, it's also great on oily hair (with oily hair don't use the conditioner).
The Re-energise range replaces Bed Head Self Absorbed if you remember that classic range from TIGI, this product though does not smell or look like Self-Absorbed.

The Re-energise conditioner has a very light moisture hit for all hair types, you can leave it on dry finer hair for around 2-3 minutes for more moisture, Re-energise smells great too, everyone we use it on in-salon asks what is that shampoo & conditioner we are using.


Bed Head Urban Antidotes Recovery(or Urban Antidotes No.2 in the blue packaging)

Bed Head Recovery is for hair what needs quite a bit of moisture, this replaces Bed Head Moisture Maniac in the old style Bed Head range. Urban Antidotes Recovery will have your hair feeling soft & moisturized. Always shampoo twice, most clients say they only shampoo once, you need to shampoo twice because the first shampoo you don't really get a lather, the shampoo is working hard to break down any oils or products in the hair, on the second shapoo you will see lot & lots of lather that means it's clean. After shampooing, lightly towel dry to make room in the hair shaft for the conditioner. For very dry hair leave the conditioner on for 3-5 minutes, rinse well.


Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection(or Urban Antidotes No.3 in the Red packaging)

Bed Head Resurrection say's it all, and the red packaging looks serious too. Resurrection is for hair what is virtually snapping off, bleached, over-processed, or just really dry naturally. Proteins, that's what your hair needs, and this has lots of protein. Protein is for strength rather than using moisture. If you add too much moisture to tired over coloured hair it will just flop lifelessly. Protein leaves the hair ridged and strong. Another range we use in-salon and sell lots of on-line is very similar to Resurrection, it's the Redken Extreme range, but we'll talk about Redken's Extreme range in future blogs..


Bed Head Urban Antidotes | The Summary.

A perfect range if used on the right hair type, A Re-Cap; Re-energise (deep cleansing), Recovery (dry/brittle) & Resurrection (Bombed out or very very dry hair), this range is very popular on-line and in-salon, our clients always buy again and again because this range of Bed Head Antidotes really works.

The Hair Room review score | 10/10(I know I give a lot of 10 scores but I use these products day in day out, they all work so well! And even better, they sell themselves! :-)


Thank you for reading, any comments or further questions about TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes, please ask?

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