Tigi Catwalk Camera Ready Spray Shine

Posted by Mark Hindle on 27th Oct 2017

Tigi Catwalk Camera Ready Spray Shine

The TIGI Catwalk Camera Ready Spray Shine Returns!

 The older Tigi Catwalk classic line of products are slowly re-appearing, this time it’s the superb Tigi Catwalk Session Series Camera Ready shine spray. You’ll probably remember the Tigi Catwalk Camera Ready in it’s older clear blue Tigi Catwalk packaging? (Pictured below)

Remember the old style TIGI Catwalk Camera Ready? (Above)

Here’s the new look for Tigi Catwalk Camera Ready.
(Pictured below)

Another classic Tigi hair product returns. The black packaging looks so cool, we love it.

The new look packaging for Catwalk Camera Ready

The new look for Tigi Catwalk Camera Ready. The best non-aerosol spray shine you can buy.

Camera Ready by TIGI Catwalk is a pump action spray shine, it’s great on frizzy, thicker hair, to control those frizzies which always pop back up after drying.

Catwalk Camera Ready is mist-on application spray shine product so do go easy with it. Spray from quite far, nearly arms length. Your hair will be left with a real glossy mirror finish with Camera Ready spray shine. You can use it while using the tongs or straightening irons. If you do use it with heat appliances you will notice lots more steam than usual, don’ t worry as your hair will have the best shine you have seen for a long time.

Verdict; Catwalk Camera Ready is a great no-hold shine product you will use every day. When used sparingly, 2-4 pumps, Camera Ready will last you a very long time too.

It’s great to see Catwalk Camera Ready back in the Tigi Catwalk range in a bigger 150ml bottle, this product has been missed by so many.

The Hair Room in-salon test review for Tigi Catwalk Session Series Camera Ready.

9/10- A fantastic spray shine product you mist in, I love It!

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Review by Mark Hindle (TIGI’s biggest fan of nearly 30 years!)