Tigi Bed Head

Tigi Bed Head Tween 750ml Pump

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Tigi Bed Head 750ml Tween Pump x 1

The Tigi Bed Head Tween Duo 750ml bottles no longer come with dispensing pumps. these are genuine TIGI dispensing pumps made for the Tween bottles. These TIGI pumps also fit the Redken 1000ml bottles perfectly.

These pumps are an official TIGI Bed Head part, they fit every Bed Head 750ml bottle apart from the below mentioned.

Please note that these pumps do not fit the latest Bed Head Urban Anti-dotes 2018 Bottles:
Bed Head Re-Energise No.1 (Green bottles)

Bed Head Recovery No.2 (Blue bottles)

Bed Head Resurrection No.3 (Red bottles)

These pumps still work on the above bottles, they are just a little loose, that's all. No pumps for the above bottles are available to purchase from Bed Head as yet. (July 2018)


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Tigi Bed Head Tween Pump x 1