Tigi Bed Head

Tigi Bed Head Sugar Dust

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TIGI Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Dust - 1g

TIGI Candy Fixations Head Sugar Dust is a root powder that is a quick fix for your style addiction. Improve the texture of your hair and get that long lasting hold with TIGI Candy Fixations Sugar Dust! Just sprinkle some in!

The lightweight, invisible, micro-texture dust that is the TIGI Candy Fixations Sugar Dust creates instant texture by attaching to the hair fibre to build depth and add double the lift.

TIGI Candy Fixations Sugar Dust absorbs the excess oil that can make hair look lank and dull, and leaves behind a matte texture that can be layered and backcombed for enviable volume.

Fragrance: Tutti Frutti

How to use TIGI Candy Fixations Sugar Dust:

For the best result, lift hair at the roots, sprinkle some sugar dust, and then rub in. Great for all hair types.

The Hair Room tip: For outstanding volume, sprinkle the TIGI Candy Fixations Sugar Dust into the roots and massage in. Then sprinkle product into roots again and backcomb into the hair for enhanced root lift that lasts.

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TIGI Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Dust - 1g