Tigi Bed Head

The full ranges of Tigi Bed Head shampoo, conditioners and styling products.

Tigi Bed Head hair products are designed for all hair types to give you maximum style and texture. The huge range of Tigi Bed Head will keep your hair on form all day long. Tigi Bed Head hair products stand out from the crowd with their special branding and unique packaging.

Bed Head manages to mesmerize simply by the scent of its products. All the Tigi Bed Head ranges are designed specifically for people who want a unique look! Whether you are looking for a shampoo, conditioner, wax or hair treatment, you can certainly find a product here to suit your needs.

Since Tigi Linea's introduction in 1989, Tigi have managed to create highly professional and successful brands for use in hair salons. The slogan found on the various Bed Head shampoo and hair products is: "You must have a sense of humor to use our products"! This humour is found in some of the Bed Head names – Dumb BlondeControl Freak, Manipulator and so on. Experiment and find the TIGI Bed Head hair products you will love; the range is now so huge the possibilities are endless.