TIGI Bed Head B For Men Wise Up Scalp Shampoo

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Tigi Bed Head B For Men Wise Up Scalp Shampoo - 250ml

Wise Up Shampoo! To the need of a clean and healthy scalp.

Tigi Bed Head Wise Up is a scalp shampoo that helps revive your scalp from itching and dandruff with a cleaning solution of charcoal and caffeine. Suitable for everyday use. Bed Head Wise Up shampoo contains a fresh aromatic basil & mint fragrance.

How to use the TIG Bed Head Wise Up shampoo:

  • Wet hair, apply a 10p/dime sized amount, lather up, massage quite firmly. rinse really well as most dandruff is not dandruff, it's just the lather what hasn't been rinsed out thoughroughly. Shampoo twice, condition if needed with Tigi Bed Head For Men Daily Care Conditioner.
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